01.Protection of personal information

Showa Metal is committed to preventing security breaches such as leakage of and unauthorized access to personal information about Company employees, persons involved in the operations of the Company and other individuals, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on protection of personal information. The Company employs the following privacy measures.

  • (1)The Chief Information Officer is responsible for ensuring protection of personal information and for administering a coherent and structured system of information management.
  • (2)The Personal Information Protection Regulations and the Personal Information Management Manual stipulate the expectations and requirements of Company employees in relation to handling of personal information.
  • (3)Personal information training programs and sessions are held regularly to ensure that employees are familiar with requirements in relation to handling of personal information.
  • (4)Compliance with the Basic Policy on Information Management is assessed at regular intervals, and information management guidelines are reviewed where appropriate.
02.Purpose of use

Showa Metal acquires personal information as necessary in order to carry out the business of the Company. The purpose of personal information thus acquired will always be disclosed or announced by the Company.

03.Disclosure of personal information to a third party

Showa Metal will not disclose or divulge personal information to a third party without the express consent of the individual concerned, except where such information is supplied to a contractor in accordance with the stated purpose of use and subject to the provisions of a confidentiality agreement. Showa Metal will monitor information handling procedures at the contractor to ensure that these are of an equivalent standard to those employed at Showa Metal.


Inquiries regarding information privacy at Showa Metal should be directed to the following department.

Information Privacy Inquiries
Operations Division

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